Meal Planning Guide

I will try my best to provide you with an easy meal planning guide, so that your cooking experience will be a pleasant one.

I have been a dietitian for over 10 years and in all that time I don’t think I ever came across anyone that I was counseling that didn’t know what to eat. Most people are pretty knowledgeable about what they should and shouldn’t eat. It’s not lack of knowledge that keeps them from achieving their health or fitness goal, it’s the lack of commitment to their goal. They plunge in without a plan.

There are numerous reasons why people fail at achieving their health goals, but I believe the most prevalent one is lack of planning. You have all heard the famous quote, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” That is a very true statement even when it comes to your health goals. You have to plan in order to be successful at losing weight, gaining weight, or whatever else you want to accomplish.

But planning also takes time and you find yourself not having time to plan. But think of it this way, would you go on a road trip to somewhere where you’ve never been without a roadmap, or these days without your GPS? No! You wouldn’t. You couldn’t! Even if you did, you would most definitely have to stop and ask for directions and if you didn’t, then you will not ever reach your destination.

Losing weight, gaining weight, or achieving optimum health is a destination. You need a map to get there and a lot of times you need a coach to guide you. Your meal planning guide is your map to success. So let this website be your map and your coach. Let this website come along on your journey to help you reach your destination and to help you ward off any obstacles that may deter you from your path.

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