Eating at home doesn't mean slaving over a hot stove for hours.

Eating at home? What?

I know, I know... you're busy with life. Who has time for eating at home? You have to make time for meal planning, cooking, and cleaning in addition to the million other tasks on your schedule.

And with working 40 hours a week, transporting children to and from school, not to mention the band practices, soccer games, and the million endless other errands you have to run for the family. It's enough to send you to the mad house.

How dare I add yet another task to your list.

Relax! Eating at home doesn't have to create more stress. If anything it will revitalize you. Why? Because you would be doing your body a favor by nourishing it with good food. Food rich in nutrients and naturally low in fat and calories.

Why has America gone away from eating at home, besides the obvious reason-- fast food expansion? I'll tell you why, because of the obsessive desire to lose weight.

The diet craze has swept the nation and has inflicted almost the entire human population. Everyone is scared to death of calories, fat, and sugar. So it's non-fat this, sugar-free that, reduced-calorie this. And unfortunately these foods are prepackaged products with numerous other ingredients that research can't make up its mind whether it's bad or good for us.

People have forgotten what good food is and eating at home seems to be the thing of the past.

One of the pleasure's in life, among others, is eating. Really taking time out of your busy schedule, sitting down comfortably with good company and enjoying and savoring the taste of a home cooked meal.

These are the special times when memories are created. And when you remember them some years past, you remember them with a smile and fondness.

Some of my favorite memories are associated with family meal times. My mother, like all other mothers, worked outside of the home, but still managed to have dinner on the table every night. I'm sure it was partly because she loved cooking, but it was also because she understood the importance of eating good food.

Everyday after school I couldn't wait to get home, because I knew a hot meal would be waiting for me come dinner time. The minute I would walk through the door the smell of my mom's cooking would seep into my nostrils. I can still smell her rice, even to this day.

I couldn't wait to sit at the table and chow down.

Eating at home with your family nourishes your soul and warms your heart. That is why those times are so special.

If you want to get back to the basics, you've come to the right place. On cooking good food website you will be armed with the tools you need to get back to eating at home again.

Take off your shoes, put your feet up and stay awhile. Let me help you create some lasting memories you can share with your grandchildren.

On this website you will learn;

  • how to cook,

  • what to cook--pick from an array of home made recipes that tantilize your taste buds--,

  • what tools you need to cook with,

  • meal planning to help prioritize your tasks to make time for home cooking meals,

  • and lastly, tons of other ideas on making cooking pleasurable and enjoyable.

So welcome! I hope you find this site informative, useful, and most of all FUN!

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