Chicken Quesadillas

I made these chicken quesadillas by accident one day, because I had lots of leftover chicken I didn’t know what to do with. They are so easy to make and they taste great. Makes a great healthy recipe for kids, too.

Chicken Quesadillas


  • Whole wheat tortillas
  • Grated mozzarella cheddar cheese mix
  • Chopped leftover roast chicken
  • Chopped green onions
  • Chopped Cilantro. Do not mince. Do a rough chop. You can use kitchen scissors to do this.
  • Avocado, sliced thin or cubed


  1. Use an iron pan for best results. Warm the pan.
  2. Place tortilla on hot iron pan. Warm for a few seconds, on both sides. Do not let it get brown.
  3. Sprinkle cheese all over . As the cheese melts it will act like glue to keep the tortilla together.
  4. Chicken Quesadillas

  5. Fold the tortilla over like an omelette and brown on both sides.
  6. Chicken Quesadillas

  7. Cut in half and serve with salsa, sour cream or guacamole.

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