Get a taste of home cooking with these cheap recipes

Ideas for cheap recipes are endless, here are some for those nights you are too tired to cook, but still provide good nutrition:

1. Pick up roasted chicken or turkey breast, serve it with a side of steamed veggies and a baked potato. You can use fresh vegetables or frozen. Sweet potatoes or russet potatoes cook in 8-10 minutes in the microwave. Sweet potatoes are yummy! You almost feel guilty eating them, because they taste like dessert.

2. Pick up meat at a restaurant. You can buy chicken breasts from your favorite restaurant. When youget home you can pour salsa over them and serve with some rice and vegetables.

You can steam fresh vegetables by throwing them in a pot of boiling water for 2 minutes then strain the water and add a pat of butter(or olive oil) and seasoning of your choice and serve with your favorite meat.

3. BBQ places do smoked turkey. Serve it with canned beans, and a salad or green beans for a balanced nutritious meal.

4. Get a Crockpot. They are a real good investment. You can throw the food in there in the morning, set it on low and by the time you get home dinner is ready. Choose any type of meat (chicken, pork, pot roast, steaks etc.), add some vegetables like carrots and potatoes, add some broth and seasonings and you got yourself a meal.

5. Taking chicken breast with the bone in and sprinkling with a few herbs slow cook them in your crockpot and you've got chicken for all kinds of variations

6. Prepare a pot roast the day before then the next day add BBQ sauce and have roast beef sandwiches.

7. Simple tacos. Dump taco seasoning over the other half of the pot roast and cook for 4-8 hours depending on setting then you have beef tacos.

8. Sandwiches of all varieties can be cheap and quick.

9. Chicken Quesadillas taste great, and they are quick and easy

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